Music control is now Squidoo!

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more powerful,
& made with love.

We've rewritten Music Control from the ground up, and we added new features and a new look that we know you'll love.

Explore Squidoo, and see why it is the best new music control app for OSX

New in Squidoo

  • Improved search. You can now search and play individual songs!
  • New dedicated window. Browse albums, track lists, artists and play music from the new window view.
  • Discover. Explore new releases, popular albums, and related artists.
  • And much more!

Search for Anything & Everything

Find any song, or album that you want. Squidoo's dedicated search window allows you to search and browse all the music you love. Play an entire album, or just the song you are looking for.

Play music Anywhere

Control music on any Mac in your local network. Squidoo gives you full access to music libraries and music applications on other computers in your network. All you need is the Squidoo app running on both devices.

Have music set up in your office? Now you can control it from your laptop in another room. Squidoo can even give multiple computers full access to its music. Now listening to music is a team experience!

Discover Music

Discover similar music to what you like and listen to. You’ll never run out of something new.

New Releases

Browse and play new albums. Squidoo will always keep you up-to-date.

Top Albums

Find the most popular music of the day!  Yeah, you’re cool.


your favorite songs. Squidoo keeps track of your likes so you can easily come back to them again.