The menu bar

Squidoo's menu bar panel allows you to quickly control playback, perform searches, and switch which computer you want to control.

Searches from the menu bar show the top 3 tracks and top 3 albums based on your query.

To view additional search results simply click "See More›" or the window button.

The Window

Squidoo’s main window provides the same features as the menu bar with the addition of the Discover, New Releases, Top Albums, and My Likes.

Discover allows you to explore new albums related to the track currently playing as well as your favorites.

Stay up-to-date with the latest released albums and who is on top of the charts in the New Releases and Top Albums.

My Likes keeps track of all your favorite songs in one location. To remove or like a song, simply click the associated heart icon heart.

The Music

Squidoo shows the available sources to your music with the service icons .

Click any of the available sources from the icons to start playing your music.

If you are browsing albums, you may play an entire album, or view it's tracklist by clicking the Show Tracks icon.

From this view, play a single track, the entire album, or choose back to return to the previous view.

Setting up a squidoo network

Squidoo is capable of controlling music on any Mac within your local network. To set this up, first make sure Squidoo is running on two or more devices.

To set up the host computer, select "Control this Mac from other local network Macs" in the preference panel:

You may optionally customize your computer name in the text field. This is what other computers will see you as.

Now any Mac in your local network should be able to connect and play music through the host.

Just select the host computer in the preferences dropdown:

Alternatively, you may also select your host from the menu bar panel:

Rock on.